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Website Design Overview

Web Design has a lot of aspects to it. Competition, Page Count, Templates, Colors, Page Selection, Navigation, Imagery, Font, Font-Sizes, and Social Media Options. All of the options are subjects that need to be thought about when creating the correct Website for a client.


First, you want to review the competition's websites and their content. This gives me a base on what subjects you should be covering with your website.

Page Count

Once you have a good idea on what your competition is doing with their website, you will determine how many pages your website will require. I would suggest no less than 5 pages, even if it's just for an informational website. This gives you a good base content but surely allows you the ability to grow in the near future, with a blog.


Templates are a huge choice. There are thousands of templates to choose from. You can always design a template of your own but this requires time and lots of cash on hand. One can typically acquire a template that fits your needs and cover all Mobile Versions and all the other details. I usually get my templates from places like themeforest.net or graygrids.com.


Colors, like your logo, are a huge decision. This will bring your audience in and create an appreciation of your website's aesthetic value. Choose colors carefully and experiment with color schemes. Explore your options at Pinterest or color.adobe.com

Page Selection

Page Selection breaks down to what you feel is most critical to the viewer. I would suggest coming up with a way to show as much content as possible, while grouping it into specific pages. Home, About, Contact, Services, Portfolio, Testimonials, Blogs, etc. These are all examples of pages that you can select for your website and we can always discuss other options.


Navigation has a lot to do with Page Selection and what options you want to display to the user who accesses your website. Navigation Selection can also control how your Nav Bar will be viewed on your website (mobile view included).


All imagery on your website needs to be high quality and clean. I usualy push my clients to go with Stock Photography like www.shutterstock.com or www.123rf.com to ensure all photos are professional and crisp.


Font selection, when done correctly, compliments a website, and assist in customizing the website design. It is a nice way of pleasing the customer base with a new and different feel.


Adjusting Font-Sizing will allow the client to alter the users focus and put emphasis on certain areas of your website. This is done with headers, font-sizes, bolded font, and other ways.

Social Media

Social Media Links boost your overall website traffic. First, it will allow the users to confirm the legitimacy of your website and business. Second, it will allow your customers a way to connect and share your business's content.