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Social Media Campaign Overview

Social Media Campaigns are a way to connect with your customers through a new form of advertising or marketing. You setup a Campaign on a social media platform, select your daily budget and audience and away it goes, marketing to your audience. There are a ton of details behind the scenes which I will delve into in detail below.

Platform Selection

This is obviously the biggest choice. Selecting the correct Social Media Platform is a large decision and can be a little complex. I suggest doing some research and reading articles like the one below

Audience Selection

When selecting your audience, you will want to use A-B testing to try out different combinations of ads. This will allow you base line comparisons when you are detailing your audience and trying figure out what works best.

Age Range is a big option when selecting your audience. You should have a good idea who you want to target your ads to and who is mainly purchasing your products. This will save you a lot of money by narrowing your audience to people who will be interest in your product.

Interests are also an option to narrow your audience. If you find a trend with your customers, it may be worth narrowing an audience and doing an A-B test with that interest.