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Logo Design Overview

Logo Design is essential to any startup business. Initially you first think of a logo as a beginning but few companies ever create the logo knowing that they will become a large multi-million-dollar business. To avoid recreating your brand and logo at a later date, you need to think large now and create the perfect logo intially.

Logo Design Tips

There are a few tips that you need to thin about when trying to come up with a logo. I have a few tips I have learned along the way.

Keep It Simple
When designing a logo, you want to avoid to much cluter around the logo. You want the logo to try and speak for itself without having everything there for the customer to see.

Try not to select too many colors. Too many colors can distract from the logo itself. I would try to stick with your primary 1 or 2 colors when selecting a logo design.

Font Selection is always a big subject and needs to be addressed. This can always be switched but you want to try and get it right the first go around. This is the one option that should be shown in multiple options to then ensure you have selected the correct one from the beginning.

Be Different
Be different than your competitors. Try and stand out with something different than all the rest.

Be Flexible
Be flexible in how your logo is used in different shapes and sizes. This will allow your logo to be used in many different ways and give you some more options moving forward.